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U-District Offers More Than Just Being the Haunt of College Kids

Posted on October 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

The U-district or officially known as the University District is rather loosely bound together collection of shops, cafes, movie theatres and night clubs that largely serve the large student population of the University of Washington that regularly congregate in the area. The district is known for its collection of inexpensive restaurants, pizza joints, coffee houses and used book and CD stores. It is perhaps the most inexpensive place to grab a bite to eat in Seattle; however a number of good restaurants can be found especially when it comes to Asian cuisine.

The main attraction of the area is obviously the University of Washington, founded in 1886 when Seattle started come onto its own as a town the university has grown larger as the city expanded. Interesting places to visit on campus are the Red Square (named for the color of the bricks not for the political ideologies of its denizens), Denny Hall-the oldest building on the campus that was built in 1895 and the Husky Union Building.

The Burke Museum which stands just outside the north entrance of the campus is a proverbial treasure trove of anthropological and natural history exhibits. Upon entering you face a variety of exhibits including Tlingit potlatch masks, a feathered Pomo basket, and even a ceramic horse from China’s Wei dynasty. Permanent exhibits focus on Washington’s geological, paleontological, biological history, and on various Pacific cultures.

The Henry Art Gallery that was founded in the year 1927 has seen expansive improvement and today houses many paintings in its 46,000 square foot building, it is well known venue for traveling exhibits. Ravenna Park is a 52 acre woodland area located in the U-District, the park has numerous enchanting walkways and a calming stream of water that would undoubtedly sooth you in the midst of the busy U-district.

Accommodation inside the U-district can be found quite easily in the many Seattle hotels in the area. A number of informal accommodation options such as home stay, apartments and bed and breakfast can be found easily whilst a few hotels in Seattle can also be found.