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Littlest Pet Shop

Posted on November 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

The Littlest Pet Shop toys were introduced in the year 1992 by Kenner and then reintroduced by HASBRO in 2005 with a brand new design and look. The new HASBRO line of the Littlest Pet Shop toys has sold over 60 million products. These products include animal figurines, places for you to play with them, and even digital hand-held pets. There are Stamper Pets that consist of an animal figurine on top and a rolling stamper underneath. Chattering Pets are a set of three animals that make different noises depending on which animal set you get. Littlest Pet shop animals have even been featured in fast food happy meals. Most of the animals come with ID tags, food dishes, toys, and some even come with homes. Some examples of animals you can find are dogs, kittens, horses, mice, chameleons, bunnies, panda, elephants, penguins, fish, and monkeys.

There have been many different play sets released so your child can enjoy playing with the creatures in a variety of locations. There is the Beethoven set, which comes with Saint Bernard dogs. The Family sets come with animal mom’s that have magnetized babies so your child can recreate the nursing process. The Adoption Center has cages for different creatures, and includes 2 husky dogs. Your child can pretend to exercise their animal with the Fitness Center, which includes 2 exclusive figures. Your child can also pretend to babysit pets with the daycare center, which comes with 1 animal and a removable jungle gym. Deco Pets are available to help with your child’s creative side by letting them decorate their own pet with included stickers, glue, glitter and a collar. The Littlest Pet Shop Postcard Pet’s include one pet, accessories and a postcard you can send to friends. Teeniest Tiniest Pet Shop Pets are also available. These are mini versions of the normal pets and include play sets such as a pasture, the desert, an island, a mouse cage, and an aquarium.

Virtual Interactive Pets (VIPs) let you enter a code from the collar of a Littlest Pet Shop animal and be part of the online interactive world. Here, your child can name their pet, dress them, and play games to earn Kibble Points to buy them things.

The Littlest Pet Shop brand also has many other products available such as party supplies, clothes, video games, board games and journals.

Siberian Husky Dogs – The Truth Unfolds

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Siberian husky dogs, though descended through the same genetic pool as most other northern dogs, are one of a kind. To put the surname of husky in front of or behind any other type of breed is simply incorrect, for there is only one husky breed. These dogs come in all colors, and most of them are marked at the face, neck, chest, and/or back. The eyes can be any shade from powder blue to black and everything in between, and many of these dogs even have two different eye colors altogether. This happens rarely in the canine kingdom, but is considered purely natural for the husky breed standard. A rough and tumble dog of medium build and resilient stature, Siberian husky dogs are still used for the very work that they were bred to do: pull sleds.

Not only for grueling cross country races where stamina and endurance are unfailingly tested, but for help with the everyday burdens of life on the tundra, Siberian husky dogs have earned their place as one of mans most useful, loved, and faithful livestock. Single dogs and smaller teams of two to four can still be seen carrying children and their shopping goods through the streets of small Alaskan towns, and this is a testament to their unflinching work ethic and their pleasing nature. In the beginning, it is thought that Siberian husky dogs were used to bridge the endless land gap between Siberia and Canada, eventually gaining favor in Alaska as hardy and easy keepers.

Siberian husky dogs are a very common household these days, and can be found in any climate in North America. Of course, their coats are designed to seal heat away safely beneath the skin, and as such is quite unbreathable. These northern snow dogs need to be kept cool, and could never survive being contained outdoors in 80 and 90 degree heat. It is evident, when you see these magnificent creatures playing and burrowing in the snow that they truly do love the cold and the white stuff. If you live in a climate which allows for snow, your Siberian husky dogs will love you all the more for it.

You may hear rumors of miniature Siberian husky dogs, but don’t let these wild stories steer you in the wrong direction. The Klee-Kai is an Alaskan dog, and is quite a bit smaller than his sled-running cousin, and bears striking similarities to him as well, but the little Klee-Kai is in a class and family all his own. Alaskan Malamutes, though also quite similar but to the larger scale, are not Siberian husky dogs, either. His closest relative is the Russian Samoyed, who is brilliant white and equally as impressive.

The Husky Boy

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Oh yeah, I was an overweight little boy. So much so, that when my mother took me to buy clothes I went to what I thought was a special clothing store for boys like me, fat. Why did I think this? Because when I walked into the store, the opened tie, crossed arm, wrinkled shirt, cigarette smoking salesman, took one look at me from head to toe, looked at my mother, pointed to the back of the store and said, “Husky.” Gee did I feel special, until I discovered that the store I was in was one of the only stores around that sold clothes for fat kids. Sure, I said it, for fat kids, because that’s how I felt like a fat kid, and that’s how I was treated; special stores for special kids who were fat. My skinny friends bought clothes from all kinds of stores; I was relegated to one store, and one style. I certainly was not one of the cool kids, and at times felt isolated and excluded.

My dad who was a baseball fan encouraged me to try out for little league. I remember during one game, I struck out, thought I walked and ran to third base. A laughing stock; but, my biggest humiliation was not the fact that I didn’t understand the rules of the game but rather, not having a uniform that fit. Why? They didn’t make Husky. I liked and still like baseball, but I was uncool. I was uncool until I was in the seventh grade and attending a Catholic grammar school. We were playing a pick-up game out on the blacktop I and hit a softball about 300 feet. Out of the blue I was cool. During the winter of 1968-69 I lost weight, worked out and got into great physical condition, and in the spring played baseball with anyone who wanted to play. Throughout my teen years I played baseball in The Joe Medwick League, The Babe Ruth League, High School, and American Legion Leagues. Was I that good? No, but I knew hot to compete. I could have been better, but I lacked confidence. I still felt the exclusion of the tag that was pinned on me when I was seven years old, Husky.

Kids become overweight for a variety of reason; poor self-control, introduction of a poor diet, anxiety, and comfort, to name a few. Clothes are now made for kids of all shapes and sizes. Clothes should not define a kid, but our society and our culture create such clothes competition that soci-economic status is defined by the types of clothes kids’ wear causing rumors, gossip, and ridicule in school. Kids don’t know but they should know that they can’t judge a book by its cover and they can’t use clothes as a benchmark for who they choose as friends, and who they associate with.

I have two daughters who have bought a variety of clothes from a variety of stores. When they were younger they always wanted designer clothes and as teenagers lost weight to wear the fashion conscience clothes that their peers wore. Now, they buy clothes from Target or Wal-Mart because frankly designer clothes are too expensive and they just don’t really care anymore. But, when they were younger the true reason they lost weight to wear designer clothes was because designer’s force exclusion by manufacturing clothing that fits only up to size ten. My daughters were not even close to being overweight, and still they had trouble buying designer clothes.

Abercrombie and Fitch have just crossed the line by redefining the word Husky. If you are Husky, shop somewhere else because we don’t make clothes for plump kids. Why? Because cool has been defined as skinny, and those who are not skinny are just uncool. They are encouraging kids strange as it may seem to exclude their peers because of clothes competition and body type. Exclusion is one of the worst forms of bullying that kids experience today. The isolation and the loneliness kids feel is horrific. The hit that a child’s self-esteem takes because of exclusion can last a lifetime. The brainwashing that our kids are experiencing today by the media is going to impact them and possibly their children. We can’t allow our children to isolate, exclude, bully, or harass others because of race, creed, color, or religion. But, truly we can’t allow the subliminal seduction by Abercrombie and Fitch, along with other clothing manufacturers that is redefining us as a culture going forward and is affecting the well being of our children for just being Husky.