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Siberian Husky Breeders Advertise Their Puppies

Posted on October 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

Before you purchase a Siberian Husky puppy, check out the lists of Siberian Husky breeders and interview them, so that you can get some knowledge about the dog breed standards. A good Siberian Husky breeder will not sell his puppy to the first buyer who knocks at his door. He will ask you specific questions. He may want to know why you want a Siberian Husky puppy or he may even ask you to provide information or give veterinary reference for the pets that you already possess.

No organization takes responsibility for the breeders and it is up to the buyer to investigate and choose a breeder when looking for a purebred puppy. A good breeder will give a guarantee for his puppy because he has a commitment to his profession, as his reputation counts. Ask around and inform yourself before you choose a breeder from whom you take a puppy. But you should be able to get the history of the puppy to make sure of its good breeding. Also, breeders are always ready to help you by giving tips and later could even agree to help you train the puppy, so that you can always keep in touch with him.

It is therefore advisable to buy a Siberian Husky from a reputable Siberian Husky breeder and not from a pet shop. Of course the pet shop owners can be breeders too, but their main objective is to make money. Their objective is not to produce additional members for the breed, or making efforts to bring about an improvement in the genetic soundness and temperament of the breed.

A good Siberian Husky breeder often asks the prospective buyer about his knowledge of the Nordic breeds like the Siberian Husky. He makes sure that the owners know that a Siberian Husky is not a guard dog, and that it has a high prey instinct. He would also like to know whether the buyer is familiar with the nature of the Siberian Husky. The pet shops are not interested in knowing anything about the knowledge of the buyer. They don’t even care what happens to the buyer and the puppy once it has been sold. On the other hand, some breeders even offer to take back the puppy if the owners have problems with it.

Obviously the Siberian Husky breeder has much more knowledge about the dog than the pet shop owner. Often the pet shop owner buys dogs from a cheap supplier, and the screening of genetic diseases for their parents has not been done. This could be the reason why so many Siberian Huskies are suffering from health problems. Some breeders are just careless and are not particular about screening the animals.

But if you buy your puppy from a reputable Siberian Husky breeder, you can be sure to get a puppy of good quality, with a good and pure genetic history. The breeder ensures that with every breeding he can reduce the genetic problems and temperament disorders, so that the breeding is better every time. Many buyers are not very concerned about high quality and do not give much importance to genetically tested dogs, and prefer to buy it from a pet shop. But for the purebred Siberian Husky lovers, a good dog breeder can deliver a high quality Siberian Husky to be yours forever.

Socialization and Siberian Husky Training

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Socialization is important for all puppies, and is especially important for members of larger breeds such as the Siberian husky. Dogs tend to attack out of fear, so making your dog unafraid of strangers and family friends will keep him or her from being aggressive around them.

Socialization involves allowing your Siberian husky puppy to be around other pets and people and learn not to fear them. Invite people to come over to your house and sit near the puppy. When the puppy has had time to come near your guests and sniff them, reassuring him or herself that they are harmless, have your visitors pet the pup. Let them wait until the puppy is comfortable with being petted before reaching out to pick him or her up, since it can be scary for a puppy to be picked up by strangers. Take your puppy out with a leash and go to a place where you are likely to encounter other people and dogs. Some restaurants allow leashed dogs on their patios or sidewalks, or try going to an outdoor shopping center. Dog parks and beaches are good places to meet other dogs and people who like dogs and are likely to pet them. As your new friend is exposed to people and other dogs and does not get hurt, he or she will learn not to fear them. If home socialization is not enough, dog training classes for puppies can provide more exposure to people and other puppies in a safe, structured environment. If your puppy still does not do well with other pets and people after all attempts at socialization, see a veterinarian or dog behavior troubleshooter.

Like all breeds, Siberian huskies have a need for exercise, and being confined all day is not good for a large dog that will not be able to get enough physical activity in the house all day. Fortunately, Siberian huskies are known for their good temperament and willingness to work, so Siberian husky training can be easy and enjoyable.

For good exercise, Siberian husky training can include agility training. Either take your dog to a professional obstacle course or you can build one at home. Begin your dog training with an obstacle such as a tunnel. Take your dog to the tunnel and act enthusiastic about this new game. Throw a treat into the tunnel and allow your dog to go after it, then run to the other end of the tunnel and call him or her. Praise your dog so that dog training is fun. Carry on your Siberian husky training with the other obstacles. Use a leash to walk your dog over the teeter-totter, praising all along the walk and giving a reward at the end. Guide him or her in and out of the parallel poles, again giving praise and a treat. Remember to be upbeat all through your dog training so that he or she will see this dog training as a fun game.

Siberian husky training can also include leash training so that you can go for enjoyable walks together. Attach a collar (not a choke collar) and lead and take your dog outside. Place your dog at your left side and say, “Let’s go.” At this command your dog should walk along with you, but be able to stop and stiff the flowers (bring along a plastic bag as well). If your dog tries to pull you, stop and go the other way. This aspect of Siberian husky training teaches that trying to pull you will not get him or her where he or she wants to go. Continue your dog training with the command to “heel.” This dog training command is good for taking your dog into a crowd in which you want him or her to follow you closely. Hold your pooch at your left side and if he or she begins to wander, gently pull your dog toward you, saying “heel.” If he or she pulls away from the heel position, again stop and go the other way, so that he or she learns that obeying the command to heel is the only way to continue the walk.

If after your best efforts your Siberian husky training is still not going well, see your veterinarian or trainer for assistance. Enjoy your new best friend.

U-District Offers More Than Just Being the Haunt of College Kids

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The U-district or officially known as the University District is rather loosely bound together collection of shops, cafes, movie theatres and night clubs that largely serve the large student population of the University of Washington that regularly congregate in the area. The district is known for its collection of inexpensive restaurants, pizza joints, coffee houses and used book and CD stores. It is perhaps the most inexpensive place to grab a bite to eat in Seattle; however a number of good restaurants can be found especially when it comes to Asian cuisine.

The main attraction of the area is obviously the University of Washington, founded in 1886 when Seattle started come onto its own as a town the university has grown larger as the city expanded. Interesting places to visit on campus are the Red Square (named for the color of the bricks not for the political ideologies of its denizens), Denny Hall-the oldest building on the campus that was built in 1895 and the Husky Union Building.

The Burke Museum which stands just outside the north entrance of the campus is a proverbial treasure trove of anthropological and natural history exhibits. Upon entering you face a variety of exhibits including Tlingit potlatch masks, a feathered Pomo basket, and even a ceramic horse from China’s Wei dynasty. Permanent exhibits focus on Washington’s geological, paleontological, biological history, and on various Pacific cultures.

The Henry Art Gallery that was founded in the year 1927 has seen expansive improvement and today houses many paintings in its 46,000 square foot building, it is well known venue for traveling exhibits. Ravenna Park is a 52 acre woodland area located in the U-District, the park has numerous enchanting walkways and a calming stream of water that would undoubtedly sooth you in the midst of the busy U-district.

Accommodation inside the U-district can be found quite easily in the many Seattle hotels in the area. A number of informal accommodation options such as home stay, apartments and bed and breakfast can be found easily whilst a few hotels in Seattle can also be found.